We wish you a splendid Christmas time and some
minutes to read through our

Christmas is coming very soon and we finalize this work year with a follow-up of our last webinar on “Climate action and lifestyle: Explaining and overcoming barriers to climate action”.

We were impressed by the inputs received, and we hope that our participants were inspired by the presentations, the lively discussion with our panellists and the interactive work on the board.

Please take a look at our padlet, where we share Stéphane La Branche´s 6 rules on “how to practice what you preach” in your daily life as stakeholder for climate related issues. You´ll also find the programme, the presentations of the best practices from our booklet and beyond as well as the participants contributions to the concept board on barriers to climate action, solutions and your experiences in overcoming them.

Once again, many thanks to our speakers and to all the participants who followed this webinar of the ACB.

Please invest 2 minutes to give us short feedback and let us know what else you would like to know about preaching and practicing!

We look forward to meeting you again at one of the upcoming ACB webinars and will keep you updated on our activities towards climate-neutral and climate-resilient Alps 2050.

Until then: A very Merry Christmas and a good start into the New Year 2023!