Proudly presenting: our “caretakers of the month”!

What image comes to your mind when you think of a “caretaker”? Probably not the same one that we, the members of the Alpine Climate Board, picture, when talking about the caretakers of our implementation pathways of the Climate Action Plan 2.0 of the Alpine Convention!

Are you eager to get to know our caretakers?

Starting next month, we will present to you the people and institutions behind the caretakers of the following sectors: Transport, Energy, Tourism, Natural Hazards, Water, Spatial Planning, Soil, Mountain Agriculture, Mountain Forests, Ecosystems and Biodiversity.

The new format „caretaker of the month“ is an open one, and as individual as our caretakers are. You will be able to watch videos, read short interviews and listen to the key main messages about the different implementation pathways.

What motivates our caretakers? What ideas do they have for implementing specific steps of the pathways? In which institutions do they work and how do they want to achieve the targets towards climate-neutral and climate-resilient Alps by 2050?

Benjamin Auer and Ulrich Santa from the Klimahausagentur will be the first “caretakers of the month”. Stay tuned to gain insights into their ideas about the implementation pathways for Energy in July.