Climate Action Plan 2.0

We are delighted to announce the publication of the Climate Action Plan 2.0 of the Alpine Convention which was developed by the Alpine Climate Board (ACB) and approved by the XVI Alpine Conference. The Climate Action Plan 2.0 operationalises the objectives laid out in the Alpine Climate Target System 2050, the Convention’s strategy focused on the added value of Alpine-wide cooperation on climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The Climate Action Plan 2.0 has a medium-term time horizon of five to ten years and prioritises specific measures to implement the target system in the following ten sectors of activity: transport, energy, tourism, natural hazards, water, spatial planning, soil, mountain agriculture, mountain forests, and ecosystems and biodiversity. The horizontal topics, municipal action as well as research and development, are integrated in these sectoral proposals. The focus is always on the specific needs and opportunities in the Alpine region, complementing regional, national and global strategies.

Implementation pathways are at the core of the Climate Action Plan 2.0. They consist of sequences of concrete measures (steps) working towards the goal of reaching climate-neutral and climate-resilient Alps by 2050. Together with the Thematic Working Bodies of the Alpine Convention and further experts, the ACB developed 30 implementation pathways, of which sixteen were identified as priorities based on the following criteria: Alpine-wide relevance and direct interface to the Alpine Convention; transformative character; support from current political decision makers; and the feasibility of their short-term implementation.

The Climate Action Plan 2.0 calls for joint activities across sectors and borders, closing the implementation gap between strategies and actions in order to address climate change – one of the most pressing overarching challenges we face in the Alps.

Ten implementation communities are now taking on the Climate Action Plan 2.0 – stay tuned for further news!

Download the Climate Action Plan 2.0 here (also available in French, German, Italian, Slovenian)

Print copies of the report without the annex are available upon request from the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention.